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Bodegas Osborne Manzanilla

Bodegas Osborne Manzanilla

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This Spanish wine sparkles with a beautiful straw color that recalls the warm days spent in the Jerez vineyards. Green apple and grassy fragrances emerge as it spreads through the room, dancing in harmony with the more muted, nutty aroma of almonds. 

Its true character shines when enjoyed with some of Spain's finest culinary offerings. It's made better with the addition of salty almonds and sun-ripened olives, or more extravagant ingredients like rich and savory Iberico ham or a selection of delicious seafood. And remember to serve it cold so you can take in all of its nuanced complexity. Its layers are revealed at temperatures of 8-12 degrees Celsius, while going even colder can result in a more refreshing sensation.

This Manzanilla from Bodegas Osborne, is a beautiful addition to the rich tapestry of Andalusian viniculture. After 3.5 years of aging in the flor's protective covering, the wine's 15% alcohol content has reached a harmonious balance, making it both profound and invigorating.

Details about this Spanish Wine:

Winery: Bodegas Osborne

Region: D.O. Jerez

Grape: Palomino Fino

Aging: 3.5 years

Alcohol: 15%

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