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Beach House Pink Spiced Rum

Beach House Pink Spiced Rum

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Beach House Pink Spiced is an infused Mauritian molasses rum. It features tangy, invigorating aromas of hibiscus, grapefruit and blackcurrant, combined with the sweetness of coconut. Natural coloring adds a pretty pink hue.

An ideal base for making delicious cocktails.

Tasting notes

The nose is soft and pleasant, with a sweet balance between the slightly bitter side and the tangy citrus juice. Red and black berries add a subtle perfume, blending with floral notes to wrap the rum in an elegant case.

The palate is smooth without being too round, and the floral notes pleasantly caress the taste buds. Hints of citrus add texture, with a slight bitterness that keeps the rum on the palate, which is soon filled with velvety red and black fruits.

Details about this rum:



AGE: unaged

PROFILE: Flowers - Fruit - Round

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