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Beach House Gold Spiced Rum

Beach House Gold Spiced Rum

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Beach House Spiced Rum offers the enjoyment of quality rum from Mauritius. It is a fabulous blend of harmony of spicy notes, accentuated by a sweet tropical flavour. Enjoy a sip of this fantastic rum at sunset with your friends!

The interesting thing about this rum is that it is not made from molasses, which is usually the basis of distillation. Instead, the juice is pressed from freshly harvested sugar cane grown right on the island. This fermented sugar cane juice is then used to distill Beach House Spiced Rum, which is left to mature in oak barrels. The aim was to accentuate the natural flavours of the rum with added spices.

Details about this rum:

Colour: light brown with yellow highlights
Nose: oranges, honey, hints of gingerbread, ginger, tobacco
Taste: tropical fruits, sugar cane, orange blossom
Finish: long, tropical fruit

Flavour profile: With, Orange, Tobacco, Fruit, Tropical, Gingerbread
Country: Mauritius
Volume: 0.7 l
Alc.: 40 %

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