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Arcane Flamboyance (Aged in Wild Cherry Cask)

Arcane Flamboyance (Aged in Wild Cherry Cask)

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A unique rum with a very cherry and sweet fruit profile Arcane’s Flamboyance has undergone an exceptional process of twelve years of ageing in cherry wood (cherry trees) casks brining boldness, fruity flavours and complexity to this elaborate old rum from pure sugar-cane juice from Mauritius A concentrate of originality of a rare and totally unique tasting experience.

Perfumes of oriental spices intimately married with hints of sweet oranges, and net pastries. After a few minutes in the glass, accents of precious woods and candied cherries make their appearance on the stage, all in panache and seduction. Mouth of a perfect sweetness, extraordinarily scented. The flavours of wild cherry and rare spices rube shoulder with old Porto notes. A long gourmet finale, sensual and fragrant.

Details about this rum:

Size: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 40.0%
Type: Spirits
Category: Rum
Style: Dark Rum
Country: Mauritius

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