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Arcane Extraroma Blended 12 Year Old

Arcane Extraroma Blended 12 Year Old

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A traditional Rhum Agricole from Mauritius, which has been aged in the solera method.

Agricole Rhum differs from other styles of the spirit, as it is made not with molasses or other sugar by-product, but with the fermented pressed juice of the sugar cane itself. This produces an eventual spirit which is a little more fragrant and grassy, than the heavier rum styles.

Extraroma certainly delivers “extra aroma,” offering notes of fresh orchard and tropical fruit, crisp spices, lime rind, bright sweet cane, coconut, bananas, and delicious oaky vanilla.

Details about this rum:

COLOUR : very nice amber colour with golden hints.
NOSE : intense. fresh sugar cane aromas blended with banana and white peach, hazelnut.
MOUTH : mostly ripe fruts an ginger bread notes of créme brulée and praline.

Country of Origin: Mauritius
Made from fresh cane juice.
Gentle, complex, slightly produce sweet and floral taste profile.
Extremely long-lasting and pleasantly warm on the finish.

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