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Arcane Delicatissime Blended Gold 1.5 Year Old

Arcane Delicatissime Blended Gold 1.5 Year Old

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Delicatissime is a young dry gold rum aged in oak barrels for only 18 months. It keeps the fresh cane aromas with just a hint of oak which brings a touch of smoothness. Its originality comes from the spicy notes which are typical from Mauritius.

EYE: light golden hues.

NOSE: spicy and vegetal, with a vanilla touch.

Palate: a very delicate vegetal and fruity taste with a peppery touch and a smooth finish with vanilla hints. Delicatissime is ideal neat (chilled), on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Details about this rum:

Brand Name: Arcane

Size: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 41.0%
Type: Spirits
Category: Rum
Style: Dark Rum
Country: Mauritius

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