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Arcane Arrangé Vanille des îles (Vanilla)

Arcane Arrangé Vanille des îles (Vanilla)

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Arcane arrangé Vanille des îles is a rum from Mauritius infused with bourbon vanilla. These two Indian Ocean treasures are a perfect match. They respond to each other and add to the sweetness of this very rounded arrangé, to be enjoyed chilled, or even frosted.

Tasting notes

The nose offers a soft profile, as if coated in beeswax and honey, with a hint of jasmine rice, coconut milk and cane sugar. The rum is like an old piece of furniture, its drawers filled with fat vanilla beans.

The palate is sweet and vanilla-like, with a caramelized tendency that suggests a very pastry-like world of caramel flan or rice pudding.

Details about Arcane Arrangé Vanille des îles:

Color: amber
Smell: fruity, floral
Flavor: intense vanilla, fresh sugar cane
Finish: long-lasting, smooth, fruity

Alcohol 40%

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