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Arcane Arrangé Banane Flambée (Banana)

Arcane Arrangé Banane Flambée (Banana)

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Arcane arrangé Banane Flambée is an arranged rum made with rum from Mauritius, produced at Gray's distillery. It recreates the gourmet flavors of banana flambée, a dessert that goes so well with rum. This creation is best enjoyed frosted, so that sweetness rhymes with freshness.

Tasting notes

The nose of this rhum arrangé has all the makings of a candy, and bursts out of the glass with a freshness and intensity that are quite striking. The Haribo-style banana is bright and colorful, then takes on tangy hues reminiscent of harlequin candy.

The palate is very round and supple, with a green but sweet banana that inevitably reminds us of melted candy. There are also hints of powdered sugar and strawberry candy, as well as a tangy tutti-frutti mix.

Details about Arcane Arrangé Banane Flambée:

Color: amber
Smell: sweet aromas of banana
Taste: fresh fruity, fresh sugar cane, bananas
Finish: long-lasting, smooth

Alcohol: 40%

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