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Anís del Mono Seco

Anís del Mono Seco

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The Anís del Mono Seco distinguishes itself as a superior variant of the traditional Spanish anisette. Dry anise seeds, pure cane sugar, and demineralized water are expertly mixed to create a variation that appeals to connoisseurs of nuance and refinement. It has a complex flavor that works well on its own or as an elegant addition to your morning espresso.

Despite sharing a history with the more sugary Anís del Mono Dulce, the Seco is easily identified by its higher alcohol volume and lower sugar content. This Spanish liqueur is a classic that has stood the test of time because it evokes memories and flavors from the past.

Details about this Aniseed Liqueur:

Type: Anisette (Dry)

Ingredients: Blend of anise seeds, cane sugar, demineralized water.

Alcohol Content: 40%.

Sugar Content: Reduced compared to Dulce.

Serving Suggestions: Best enjoyed straight or with espresso.

Origin: Spain.

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