Collection: Licor 43

Licor 43 is Spain's most popular and well-known liqueur. It's made from a family recipe that's been in secret for 70 years. It's made with 43 natural ingredients, including some of the best Mediterranean citrus fruits, botanicals, and herbs. Licor 43 was first released in 1946. It's still made in its home town, Cartagena, in southeast Spain. It's the only Spanish liqueur that's ever been made there. The name Licor 43 comes from the Greek word "Licor", which means "golden elixir".

According to legend, the Romans discovered this elixir when they conquered the city of Carthage Nova in the year 209 BC. The Romans banned the production of and consumption of the elixir, which was rich in natural fruits and herbs. The Carthaginians, however, continued to drink and produce it in secret. Which meant the history and recipe of this liqueur was never lost.. which means we are still able to enjoy this liqueur today.