Top 8 Best Spanish Red Wines

Top 8 Best Spanish Red Wines

Spain is the country with the most vineyard-covered terrain on the globe in terms of area. In terms of output, it is second only to France as the world's third-largest wine producer. However, while producing a wide range of high-quality styles, it rarely receives as much attention as its well-known neighbours.
Meanwhile, Spanish red wines are frequently praised for having excellent values, but if you don't know what grapes are grown in a specific region, shopping in the Spanish wine section can be equally intimidating.


The name of the wine appellation, rather than the grape variety, is frequently listed on the labels of Spain's top red wines. Spain's red grape types and wines can be broadly categorised into three "bands," simply. Wines from central and northern Spain, wines from the northeastern, and wines from the southeast of Spain all benefit from using the Tempranillo grape variety.

Knowing just a few essential wine regions will help keep your shopping trip focused and ensure that you always have the ideal wine to sip on hand. So if you've ever been wholly overwhelmed while perusing a Spanish wine aisle, read along to learn more about our top 10 picks with the areas with the best grapes for Spanish red wine.


Spanish Wine Classification

But before we go on, it's essential to understand that Spain is regulated by an appellation system, like most of Europe. So here is a quick guide to understanding Spanish wine labels:

DOP and DO

Spain's top classifications, Denominacion de Origen Protegida (DOP) and Denominacion de Origen (DO), identify premium wines produced by their assigned guidelines regions.

Edit and IGP

Wines from locations outside the DOP and DO-defined zones are identified by the terms Vino de la Tierra (VdIT) and Indicacion Geografica Protegida (IGP). These can provide excellent quality and value while exempting some restrictive DOP and DO restrictions.

Vino de mesa

Vino de mesa, which translates to "table wine," refers to uncomplicated, modest wines that don't require a lot of details, such as grape variety, area, or vintage.


One of Spain's newest classifications, Vino de Pago, is an intriguing quality seal for wines from a single vineyard. It differs from the DOP and DO in that wineries independently decide how they want to conduct their business.


Ageing Spanish Red Wines

On the other hand, the Spanish classification system includes aging heavily. For those who want rich, cellared red wines, Spain is an excellent area to look at because of some of the regulations surrounding oak and bottle aging. The following are some keywords to look for on the bottle label:



A fresher type that spends at least one year in oak barrels before spending another year maturing in bottles. Given their lower oak influence, these wines are frequently excellent values and food-friendly; consider serving a Crianza red at your next dinner gathering.


A Reserva red must spend one year in wood and an additional two years in either a barrel or a bottle before it is considered an upgrade from Crianza.


Gran Reserva

This style of wine has the most prolonged aging process, taking at least five years to reach market maturity after spending two years maturing in barrels and at least another three years in bottles.


Top 8 Best Regions with the Most Exquisite Spanish Red Wine

Southern Spain


The bold Monastrell wines from this lesser-known region in southeast Spain are its main attraction. The hardy, later-ripening Monastrell grape thrives in the region's hot climate and sandy soils. In addition, it is home to three crucial DOs that can yield age-worthy, complex reds.


Valencia is an essential region in Spain's wine industry, even though it may be more known for its orange trees than its grapevines (there is even a specialty local wine created from oranges). The wine-growing regions surrounding Spain's third-largest city are home to Bobal, Monastrell, Garnacha, Tempranillo, and other grape varieties, in addition to being a wonderfully picturesque location with plenty of exciting flamenco clubs to attend.


Central Spain

Castilla-La Mancha

Most of Spain's vineyards are located in Castilla-La Mancha, a short drive from Madrid. Most of the nation's table wines, mostly reds but brandy grapes, are produced in the area's dry, desert-like plains.

One of the most popular varieties, and some of the best, are made in Valdepenas. Compared to popular regions in the north, like Rioja, the type of tempranillo from central Spain is more flavorful and vibrant. Additionally, the soil has grape varieties like syrah, merlot, petit Verdot, and cabernet sauvignon.

Northern Spain

Castilla y Leon

Across its Rocky Mountains and dry plains, this vast wine-producing region of Spain is home to various areas. There are intriguing reds to be discovered, including the well-known Ribera del Duero tempranillo and the fragrant Bierzo Mencia.


This region is one of the gems of Spanish wine because of its closeness to Barcelona and welcoming location along the vibrant capital of Barcelona. The stars are grenache, sometimes known as Garnacha and Syrah. The bundle also includes glasses of rosé.


This region of the country is referred to as "Green Spain" because of the lush, sloping terrain that includes rivers, valleys, rocky beaches, and rolling hills. Although it is most known for its crisp white Albarino, it is also the source of red wines with fragrant flavors like Mencia.


This region, known for its red wines, should not be overlooked because it is just as diversified and fascinating as its powerful neighbor, Rioja. The distinctive native variety, Garnacha, is utilized to make red and rosé wines. Producers in this country experiment with foreign types like Cabernet.


With its various temperatures and terrains, this vast region is home to an abundance of wine treasures. Rioja's famous red mixes feature the red grape varietals tempranillo, garnacha, graciano, and carignan. From lean and high acid to sumptuous and soft, young and fresh to old and sophisticated, red wines from this region span the gamut.

The Best Spanish Red Wines - Kendricks Familia Imports

Here at Kendricks Familia Imports, we sell a wide range of wines for you to choose from, but when it comes to Spanish Red Wines, here are our best ones:

1. Red Vermouth Lacuesta Rojo

Lacuesta Vermouth Rojo is sweet ruby vermouth made in Spain's La Rioja region. This beverage should be savoured with an orange slice over soda and ice. Macerating 30 herbs and spices, make it with Spanish wine.

Region - Spain - La Rioja

Grape - Viura

Alcohol - 15%

Size - 750ml


2. San Roman Tinto de Toro Red 2018

San Roman Tinto de Toro 2018, a 2018 Castilla y Leon Tempranillo wine. A large and robust Spanish red wine produced from an ancient kind of Tempranillo grape that is heavier and richer than usual. This "vino Tinto" is a unique deep blue-violet colour with a full palate full of spicy wood flavours.

Region - Spain - Toro Region,

Grape - Tinto de Toro,

Alcohol - 13%

Size - 750ml

Aging: French and American Oak, 25% new.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spanish Red Wine

Why Choose Spanish Red Wines?

Some of the world's best red wines are produced in Spain. If you like luxurious, reasonably-priced fashion, you've come to the correct location. Many Spanish red wines are around $20, making them excellent value. Wines of all quality can be purchased for a bargain. In Spanish cuisine, most styles fit naturally at the table with tapas.


What Kind of Foods is Best to Pair with Spanish Red Wines?

Consider hard cheeses, cured meats, grilled items, roasted vegetables, crimson sauces, and tender, slow-cooked meats. You may try fatty fish like salmon with Spain's lighter red wines, such as Mencia, and those from cooler locations.


In Conclusion

Some of the best wines in the world are Spanish red wines. Spain ranks third among wine producers, with an astounding 4 million litres of wine produced yearly. Spain's climate ranges from chilly and rainy to dry and desert-like. As a result, Spanish wines come in various flavours, from youthful, fruity red wines to robust, tannic, full-bodied reds that can age for decades. The majority of Spain's wine production is made up of red wines.

For every style and budget, there is a Spanish red wine, and if you're interested in looking for one, then discover the most outstanding red wine from Spain that will please your palate here at Kendricks Familia Imports!


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