About Us - Historia

Kendricks Familia Imports is a celebration of only the finest Iberian products sourced from areas across the region including the iconic Douro Valley, the Peninsula de Setubal, Zamora and the mystical Rias Baixas.

The idea for Kendricks was born during our extended 2020 Melbourne lockdown after a conversation with my Abuelo (Grandfather). Abuelo had intended to take a final trip back to Iberia where he had met my Abuela (Grandmother). Unfortunately due to border closures he was unable to do so. He spoke longingly of sipping glasses of Vinho Verde, Alabrino and tipples of Cardenal Mendoza on sun soaked family terrazas.


Family Terrazas



It was then that I determined that ‘if we can’t travel to Iberia ... then maybe Iberia can travel to us’, and from this moment Kendricks Familia Imports was born.

“Comida, Bebida, Familia”

Kendricks Familia


At Kendricks we believe that these words for food, drink and family are the three pillars of life .

Our fondest memories are those where we have shared a magnificent traditional meal with loved ones.

With every stage of a superb meal there is an ideal drink for accompaniment. The ‘comida’ on the Iberian Peninsula can oftentimes stretch for hours, meaning that a large variety of drinks need to be on hand as the meal unfolds.

At Kendrick Familia we have taken great pains to ensure that you have access to a wide selection of beverages for each stage of your own ‘comida’ –  drinks that are perfect for every part of every occasion, to be shared with good friends and family, all accompanied by lively conversation, love, and laughter.