The lush valleys and fields of sugar canes in Venezuela, with the Andes Mountains in the backdrop.

The Art of Diplomatico Rum and Its Rich History and Production

The Origin of Excellence: Diplomatico's Venezuelan Roots

Diplomatico Rum is a product of the Venezuelan highlands, where a tale of love and heritage is told. The rum-making process for this world-renowned spirit starts in the Andes Mountain foothills. Here, in an ideal environment, the sugar canes that are the heart and soul of Diplomatico rum are cultivated.

This location is home to the highly regarded Destilerías Unidas, SA (DUSA) distillery, which creates a rum that is both classic and modern by fusing traditional methods with cutting-edge technology.

Diplomatico Rum distillery

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva: A Symphony in a Bottle

The Reserva Exclusiva, a Diplomatico crown jewel, is an ode to rummaking art. This dark rum has been painstakingly made for twelve years, and in that time it has developed a balanced scent and flavor profile.

Diplomatico Reserve Exclusiva

Dried fruit, honey, oak, and maple are just a few of the sweet and subtle flavors that will reveal themselves with each sip. Double distillation in copper stills is the traditional method, and the result is an exceptionally balanced spirit with a lengthy, exceptionally sweet finish.

Dark chocolate and high-quality cigars pair beautifully with this exceptional rum, which showcases the art of rum manufacturing in Venezuela.

Planas: The White Rum Revolution

The distinctive maturing procedure of Diplomatico Planas sets it apart from conventional white rums. This rum has won several awards for its charcoal-filtered, long-aged flavor that combines notes of white chocolate, almonds, and spices.

Ginger, white pepper, and clove aromas develop on the tongue, with a strong liquor flavor and sugary undertones harmonizing.

Ron Diplomatico Planas Venezuelan White Rum

With its nuanced range of flavors, this multipurpose rum works equally well in cocktails as it does on its own.

Batch Kettle Rum: The Distillery Collection's Masterpiece

Honoring both heritage and progress, Diplomatico Distillery Presents No. 1 Batch Kettle Rum. The best cane honey goes into making this rum, which is then aged in American white oak barrels after being distilled in traditional pot stills.

Its dark golden color is complemented well by the luscious scents of dried fruits, vanilla, ripe red fruit, and a hint of caramel and spice.

Diplomatico Distillery Collection No. 1 Batch Kettle 700ml

A manifestation of the balance and hospitality for which Diplomatico rums are known, the flavor is rich, velvety, and all-encompassing on the tongue.

Embracing the Legacy of Diplomatico

The journey of Diplomatico rum, from its Venezuelan roots to the global stage, is a tale of dedication, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Diplomatico offers rum connoisseurs from all over the globe a taste of Venezuelan perfection in its three distinct varieties: Reserva Exclusiva, Planas, and Batch Kettle Rum. With every magnificent glass of Diplomatico, you are participating in a long-standing tradition of meticulous craftsmanship.

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