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Ron Barcelo Imperial Onyx Rum 700ml

Ron Barcelo Imperial Onyx Rum 700ml

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Barceló Imperial Onyx emerges as a masterful fusion of rums, artfully aged for a decade within ex-bourbon barrels characterized by a "heavy char" grading—a distinction from other premium rums often aged in "medium-light char" barrels. This aging process imparts a unique depth and intensity to the blend. Infused with an air of mystique, the rum is meticulously filtered through onyx stones, imbuing Barceló Imperial Onyx with an unparalleled aura.

Distinguishing itself from its Dominican counterparts, Barceló Imperial Onyx is not crafted from molasses but rather the fermented juice of sugar cane. This distinction results in a remarkably smoother, more harmoniously rounded flavor profile, accentuating the genuine essence of the sugar cane.

The sugar cane, essential to the creation of Barceló Imperial Onyx, is meticulously cultivated within the estates of the Dominican Republic. This devotion to quality underscores the brand's commitment to sourcing only the most exceptional and vibrant sugar cane, setting the stage for the exquisite nature of Barceló Imperial Onyx.

Details about the rum:

Aged: 10 years

Producer: Ron Barcelo 

Country: Domenican Republic

Aged in: Bourbon casks

Alcohol: 38%

Notes: Sweet cherry, brown butter, coffee and dried fruits, notably fig, alongside notes of vanilla and gentle oak spice.

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