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Beach House White Spiced Rum

Beach House White Spiced Rum

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Beach House White Spiced is a spiced (or infused, we should say) rum with different aromas to its amber version. Indeed, while Beach House offers notes of honey, vanilla and orange, Beach House White Spiced brings scents of fresh lychee and grapefruit. Ideal chilled or as a cocktail.

Tasting notes

The nose is dominated by sweet grapefruit, with a host of other citrus fruits in its wake. The aromas are those of a highly perfumed lemon candy. Lychee adds a more exotic touch, as in a fruit salad in syrup. The world of confectionery is never far away, as the candy has been rolled in spice and chili powder. The citrus is still sweet, like a grapefruit syrup, and the rum is also floral, with strong incursions of white flowers. In the end, it feels like a summery rum, and its namesake lives up to its promise, especially as some sweet white fruits have spilled their juices into the mix.

The attack on the palate is gentle, with citrus fruits gradually invading. A wave of grapefruit arrives from afar, ending in a tidal wave. The lemon candy provides the acidity, giving it a little staying power. Then a second great wave, this time of rosewater, assails the palate. The texture isn't as sweet as one might have imagined, but if one were to drink this spiced as is, an ice cube wouldn't go amiss.

Details about this rum:

  • 100% NATURAL : BEACH HOUSE spiced rums are born from the perfect combination of molasses light rum from Mauritius and 100% natural fruits and spices flavors. This unique spiced rum will make your senses wander and will transport you to its universe where discovering the world, meeting new people, tasting the sweetness of life while respecting our planet are the main values.
  • THE WANDERLUST PHILOSOPHY : We are all wanderers, always in transition from one season to the next. Wanderlust is built within each one of us and is the fuel for our journeys. Our desire to wander tells us where we are unsettled and invites us toward growth, exotism, discovery and travels. For BEACH HOUSE, wanderlust describes a basic feeling: the constant need to discover and explore the world, both of which are linked to a deep curiosity for life.
  • THE EASIEST AND TASTY COCKTAIL RECIPE: Try BEACH HOUSE White spiced as an easy-to-make sparkling drink : Beach House Tonic ! STEP 1: Add 30ml of Beach House White Spiced in a glass filled with ice STEP 2 : Top up with 150mL of Tonic Water & stir up STEP 3: Garnish with grapefruit wheel and enjoy !

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