Top 10 Best Portuguese White Wines

Top 10 Best Portuguese White Wines

As wine traditions date back to the Roman Empire, Portugal is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world.  Due to the long-term isolation of numerous grape varietals that only grow in Portugal, Portuguese wines are unique and don’t exist anywhere else on the globe.

From Vinho Verde to the Algarve, as well as the islands of Madeira and the Azores, the nation is home to numerous wine-producing regions.  Some of them, including the Douro Valley and Pico Island wine areas, are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites [1]. As a result, ecotourism (also known as wine tourism) is gaining popularity in Portugal.

On the other hand, Portugal is known for its wealth of Portuguese White Wines, and for this article, we'll be giving you an overview of the best white wines that Portugal has to offer, as well as some that you'll exclusively find here at Kendricks Imports.


Portuguese White Wine

Portugal is becoming increasingly well-known for its crisp, succulent red wines. The country is also the source of delectably light, brilliant white wines bursting with acidity and freshness. Portugal is the country for you if you enjoy white wines.

Portugal's white wines not only have crisp and clean qualities but are also distinctive because they are typically produced using local grapes.


Top 10 Best Portuguese White Wines Grape Varieties

1. Antão Vaz

Portuguese native grape Antão Vaz is capable of producing a variety of high-calibre white wines. In Alentejo, where it thrives in a dry and warm climate, it is a hardy and tenacious white grape that is regarded as a hallmark variety.

Varietals and mixes both use the grape. The kinds that have more acidity are typically paired with it. It can produce wine with various characteristics depending on the terroir and vinification. The wines will taste better, be less alcoholic, and have more vibrancy when harvested early.


2. Arinto

Most likely from Bucelas in Lisbon, Arinto is a grape variety. Although this grape is grown in several wine locations, Bucelas and Vinho Verde have become their most well-known associations. In addition to varietals and blends, it is utilised for sparkling and dry styles of wine.

Wines have good ageing potential even if they are often consumed young. The wines are typically acidic and have strong scents of citrus and green apples. They are generally crisp, fresh, and bright. Additionally, these wines will have a mineral flavour and some saline notes thanks to Bucelas' marine influence.


3. Avesso

A native grape of Portugal, Avesso is mainly grown in the Minho wine area. The grape typically produces exceptionally high-quality, crisp, and fresh wines. Avesso is primarily employed in varietal and blend wines from the Vinho Verde region, where it occasionally reaches high alcohol content levels of 12 or 13%, higher than the 11.5% maximum allowed.

Avesso is a robust and adaptable grape that works well for barrel ageing. The wines are often well-bodied, with crisp acidity and scents reminiscent of citrus and stone fruit. They are also fragrant. Juicier notes and tropical undertones can be found in better instances.


4. Encruzado

The white Portuguese variant Encruzado is primarily connected to the Dão DOC. The grape was mainly used in blends, but it has demonstrated significant promise for producing age-worthy, high-quality varietal wines that develop complexity and character.

Typically, the wines have a medium body and decent acidity. Subtle citrus and rose scents can be detected in the aromas. Frequently, they have a resinous flavour, toasty undertones, and a mineral finish. While the wines can be savoured when young, the most significant varieties benefit from maturing and typically reach their peak after three to five years.


5. Fernão Pires

The white grape Fernão Pires is indigenous to Portugal and is primarily found in the Tejo (Ribatejo) and Bairrada wine areas (where it is known as Maria Gomes). The grape is utilised to make varietal or blended wines and sparkling and dessert wines.

The greatest grape expressions result in intensely fragrant dry wines that frequently have flowery and fruity scents reminiscent of roses and citrus fruits like lime, lemon, orange, and mandarins. These wines combine best with fish, chicken, or pig and are best savoured when they are still young.


6. Rabigato

An ancient white grape from Portugal, Rabigato is utilised in varietals and blends. The grape is primarily grown in the Douro, while it is also grown in Trás-os-Montes. Although varietal Rabigato has demonstrated high-quality potential and is increasingly popular, it is most recognised for its use in blends, typically in white port, along with Malvasia Fina, Gouveio, and Viosinho.

The freshness, vibrant acidity, and energetic personality of Rabigato-based wines are well-known. They typically have floral notes resembling orange blossom and acacia, hints of citrus, a few herbal notes, and a background of minerals. The wines have some room to age.


7. Sercial

Sercial is a white grape variety from Portugal that is most famous for being used to make dry Madeira wines. For this specific type of Madeira wine, the term Sercial is also used. Although its origin is unknown, the varietal is probably a native Portuguese grape.

Sercial is challenging to grow, and Madeira has only a few plantings. Sercial's extreme acidity is its primary attribute. The wines are slightly harsh while young, but they age beautifully. They are zesty, crisp, and fragrant.They continue to be vibrant and brilliant as they age and develop a distinctive nutty scent.


8. Verdelho

Most typically used in fortified Madeira wines, the Verdelho grape is a white Portuguese variety mostly farmed on the Madeira Islands. The Verdelho grape, dry varietal wines made from it, and blends made from it are also popular in Australia, the Australian wine region, the Azores, the Dão, and the Spanish Galicia.

Verdelho wines can come in various styles depending on the location, but the greatest ones are often crisp, delicate, full-bodied, and reviving. Portuguese wines typically have flavours of citrus, stone fruit, honeysuckle, and tropical fruit, along with herbal and mineral undertones.


9. Vinho Verde

Wines created using local indigenous grapes are given the Portuguese label Vinho Verde. The Minho river serves as the primary defining feature of this region in northern Portugal. Verde, which translates to "green," refers not to the hue of the wines but rather to the fact that they are typically drinking young.

According to another explanation, the region's lush, green nature served as inspiration. White, crimson, or rosé Vinho Verde wines are all available. There are several varietals among these wines, but blends make up the majority. Alvarinho, Arinto, Azal, Avesso, Loureiro, and Trajadura are the six grape types that make up most of the allowed grapes list.


 10. White Port

White port is a fortified wine created in the same way as a red port, only with white grapes instead of red. Brandy is added during the fermentation process. The mix often consists of indigenous grapes like Viosinho, Malvasia Fina, Códega, and Rabigato and is available as both a dry and sweet wine.

White port is often meant to be consumed young, but oak-aged varieties are also popular. Most examples will contain some leftover sugar. They tend to be lighter than red types, but their final character will depend on vinification. Citrus and stone fruit flavors are present in the bouquet, along with nutty undertones that are typically present in golden, oak-aged varietals.


Top 7 Best Portuguese White Wine in Kendricks Familia Imports

Here at Kendricks Familia Imports, we only offer the best Portuguese white wines that suit any occasion you have. To identify which one is the best for you and your specific celebration, we have listed them down for you! Read along to learn more about our top 7 Portuguese white wines:


1. Mateus Rosé Original


A popular choice and one of the most recognizable Portuguese wines, Mateus is as well-known a brand as any in the modern era. Originally, the flasks that the soldiers of World War I carried about served as inspiration for its distinctively formed bottle.

It became very well-liked, particularly in the UK, and is still relished there and all over the world today. It has a subtle sweetness and a faint effervescence, and it is a youthful, bright rose from Portugal. With seafood or your preferred Thai takeout, it goes great as an aperitif or with a drink.

Region - Portugal - Alentejo

Grape - Baga, Shiraz Grapes

Alcohol - 11%

Size - 750ml


2. Palácio da Brejoeira Alvarinho White 2019

The Minho region produces the Vinho Verde wine Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho. With aromas of apricot and stone fruit, medium acidity, and softened off tannins toward the finish, this Portuguese white wine is a true gem with a vibrant, fresh, and purely lovely aftertaste.

Region: Vinho Verde

Varieties: Alvarinho

Volume: 13%

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Winemaker: João Garrido


3. Porto Cruz White Port

Port Cruz white port, which comes from Porto in Portugal, is a unique new world port. The ideal wine for dessert is this Portuguese port. It is best served with ice when lounging by the beach or after a hearty lunch with a sweet dessert (i.e., tarta de Santiago).

Region - Portugal - Porto

Grape - Douro Valley Grapes

Alcohol - 20%

Size - 750ml

Winemaker: Martins Alves


4. Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho White 2020

The 2020 vintage of Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho, a lively Portuguese white wine from the Vinho Verde region, with a dependable lengthy finish. A mineral finish complements high acidity, and flavors of pear, kiwi and freshly squeezed lime are present on the nose.

Region - Portugal - Minho/ Vinho Verde

Grape - Alvarinho

Alcohol - 13%

Size - 750ml

Winemaker: António Sousa


5. Quinta de Gomariz Loureiro White 2020

The Quinta de Gomariz Loureiro 2020 offers a balanced acidity, honey, citrus, and floral aromas. This Portuguese white wine from the Vinho Verde region provides outstanding value to the quality present and is best appreciated with grilled fish or oysters.

Region - Portugal - Minho/ Vinho Verde

Grape - Loureiro

Alcohol - 13%

Size - 750ml

Winemaker: António Sousa


6. Vinho Verde Azul Portugal Escolha White 2020

A white Portuguese wine from the Minho region, Azul Portugal Vinho Verde 2020. This wine is a perfect summer cocktail because of the fresh pineapple, green apple, and low acidity. This Portuguese white wine is mildly effervescent, making it an excellent refresher on a hot day. Serve this with grilled seafood or a fresh ceviche.

Region - Portugal - Minho

Grape - Vinho Verde

Alcohol - 12%

Size - 0.75

Winemaker: José Oliveira


7. Vinho Verde Azul Portugal Reserva 2019

The Minho area of Portugal produces the structured and distinct white wine known as Azul Portugal Vinho Verde. Lots of acid in this dry, robust wine brings out the crisp flavors of lemon, ginger, and cilantro, and a Laksa or Asian cuisine's ideal accompaniment.

Region - Portugal - Vinho Verde, Minho Province

Grape - Loureiro

Alcohol - 12%

Size - 750ml

Winemaker: José Oliveira


What Is Special About Portuguese White Wine?

In addition to having crisp and clean qualities, Portuguese white wines are also distinctive because they are typically produced using local grapes. Portugal's white wines are notable for various varietals and styles used throughout the nation.


Is Portuguese White Wine Dry?

The wines often have medium-level fine-grained tannin and a silky finish, are rich and very dry and have succulent acidity. Meanwhile, these white wines are age-worthy, but it still depends on the producer and may be stored for 10-20 years.


Is Portuguese White Wine Sweet?

Native grapes, including Viosinho, Malvasia Fina, Códega, and Rabigato, are frequently added to create a dry and sweet white wine. Although oak-aged varieties are equally popular, most white wines in Portugal will contain some sugar residue. However, you must research which Portuguese white wine is tight since its sweetness and dryness vary.


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Here at Kendricks Familia Imports, we have a variety of wines for you to choose from. All you need to do for now is determine which wine suits your specific occasion and taste buds, and you’re ready to go through and shop here at our website!


1. Unesco World Heritage Sites.

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